Certified by NSF International – The Public Health and Safety Company - Vital Oxide is a no rinse-required sanitizer for food contact surfaces. That’s real important when it comes to use in commercial kitchens, and FDA inspected food processing establishments, and equally important for all around use in your home. For too long homemakers have had no choice but to use chlorine bleaches, and other harmful chemicals laden with cancer causing compounds, and irritating fumes. Vital Oxide will replace a wide range of your current household cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants with one product designed to enhance your environment.

Kitchens: Vital Oxide can be used to clean your cutting board before and after you cut chicken, meats, and fish, to eliminate food borne illness like E. coli.Yet no rinse is required after application.  



Vital Oxide does not contain any masking fragrances, and will not affect the taste of food placed on the freshly sanitized cutting board.


Other Kitchen areas of use: Counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, porcelain sinks, flooring, barbecues, sponges - and don’t forget to eliminate that odor coming from the food disposal.

Commonly over looked kitchen areas and tips:

• The average North American cutting board is contaminated with more germs than the average toilet seat.

• The kitchen sponge is often the most contaminated item in the house.

Bathroom: Molds can trigger allergies and asthma attacks, but so can harsh chemicals commonly used to clean bathrooms. Vital Oxide is non-irritating to the skin, no gloves or protective clothing are required. Use Vital Oxide to eliminate Mold and Mildew, and prevent it from coming back. Vital Oxide will disinfect your toilet, and you can feel confident that you are not exposing your family to toxic fumes, and VOC’s, or flushing harmful chemicals into your water supply.

Other Bathroom areas of use: Vital Oxide is safe for shower curtain fabric, and chrome fixtures.

Commonly over looked bathroom areas and tips:• Bathroom grout - that’s where bacteria hide, mold and mildew grow, causing stains and odors. Unlike chlorine bleach, Vital Oxide will penetrate deep into grout and kill these organisms, giving long lasting protection.

• Showerheads – Biofilm, a slimy substance that forms in areas that are wet, also harbor potentially harmful bacteria. Remove your showerhead at least once a month, and sanitize with Vital Oxide to know you are really getting a clean and fresh shower.

• Don´t use a tank type bowl cleaner. This gives a false sense of cleaning and will damage rubber parts in the tank. If you own a cat or dog, drinking from the toilet containing this bowl cleaner may make the animal sick. Tank bowl cleaners do not clean the high touch areas where germs are abundant. Use Vital Oxide liberally on all surfaces with no fear of poisoning your pets.

The Kids Room:

Children's cribs, playroom toys, diaper pails, and potty kits: Sanitize your child's stuffed animals, bath toys, or train set. Many cold viruses can be transmitted on these objects.

Cloth diapers can be held odor free until washday by a spray with Vital Oxide, and disposable diapers can be held in trash with much less odor until trash day.

Commonly over looked Kid’s Areas and tips:

• Use a bin to store dirty toys for cleaning and disinfecting. Once the item has become soiled, place it in the bin (away from children) so it stays out of the play area.

• Do not share infant and toddler's toys. Because they are often placed in the mouth, these toys carry and spread germs and infection easily.

Fabric & Carpet Sanitizer: Make your carpet a healthy play spot for your kids and pets. Vital Oxide is safe for stain protected carpet and fabric finishes, and can be used as a carpet pre-spray, or in tank with hot water vacuum -extraction units.

Pet Stains and Odors: Vital Oxide is a powerful stain & odor fighter, taking on the most offensive smells and pet stains. Blot dry or extract as much urine and feces as possible, then spray the stain saturating through to the carpet pad, and let air dry. Remember there are no cover-up fragrances or nose numbing chemicals in Vital Oxide, working on a molecular level it will disassemble the odors and keep them from coming back.

EPA Registerd


NSF Certified

GSA Certified


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